Frequently asked questions

There are so many options. How do I know which one is right for me?

Contact us and we can schedule a meeting and go over your goals and determine which programs are right for what you want to achieve.

I see that you use templates for your programs. I’ve bought templates from other companies what makes yours different?

Yes, we use templates. We use templates so we can get programs to clients in a timely manner and to make them easy to follow. Our templates are built each time for each individuals needs and are 100% individualized. You don’t need to be a sport scientist to follow them, we do all the guess work for you.

I’m new to weight lifting. Do you have instructional video. Do you provide coaching of form?

Yes and yes. We have a large library of lifts with voice coaching. Throughout programs we ask clients to send us video of them lifting and provide feedback and coaching points to improve form.

You say that you provide science based training. What does that mean?

Every program that we write has its foundation backed by numerous scientific studies that have been proven over and over again. Additionally, the programs are optimized using years of practical experience that have been assessed scientifically in gyms and athlete weight rooms.

I see numerous companies that claim to be scientific but their programs aren’t. What makes you different?

First, no bro science,fads, or pseudoscience here. We only use hard science that has been proven time and again either in a lab or in a gym or athlete weight room. Second, Brad has a masters in coaching and sport performance and bachelors in exercise science. He has either been a subject or researcher for numerous field related studies. He learned under one of the top sport science researchers in the world at ETSU and one of the top sport and exercise nutritionists at ETSU.

I’m a runner/bike rider and want to compete in races. I’m afraid that lifting weights will make me bulky and hinder my performance. Is this true?

If you are successful at those races, genetically, you are probably not predisposed to getting bulky. There is good scientific backing that shows that even in endurance events lifting weights improves performance. In our practical experience this is also the case. Brad has seen very good performance results in cyclocross and Olympic level bmx competitors benefit greatly from large leg muscle mass. Greater upper body strength increases endurance of the upper body muscles and enhances the ability to maintain good running/biking form over long races.

I’m a woman and I want to lose weight but I’m afraid to lift weights because I think I will look like a body builder.

Most women genetically are not set up to grow muscle like men do. And vice versa some men are not genetically set up to build massive amounts of muscle. Regardless we can set up a weight training plan to optimize fat loss and maintain muscle mass to increase calories burned at rest.

What is your refund policy?

Any Training Session not used within 60 days of the Effective Date for any Training Package shall be forfeited. The Client shall not be entitled to a refund of the cost for any Training Session not used within 60 days.

The amounts payable per Training Session may be adjusted at the sole discretion of the Trainer, at any time. The Client waives notice of any such adjustments to the amounts payable per Training Session.

The Client will be charged for a cancelled appointment unless the Client notifies Jason Madden and Brad Anderson or Outlier Fitness Project. LLC of such cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. If the Client is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, the lost time will be forfeited and charged for that Training Session as if the Client had been present.

Should the Client purchase additional Training Sessions both the Client and the Trainer agree that this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect, and continue to govern the rights and liabilities of the Parties, except as to the amount payable per such additional Training Session, if different from the amount stated above, or unless the Parties execute a new Agreement.

Do you have certified trainers?

That and more. All of our trainers are nationally certified and have education in sports science, nutrition, and cardio traiining. Our resident sports scientist routinely trains and recertifies our coaches, and all new coaches are required to take a test.

Can I deviate from the programs?

Check with your coach and he can make that determination. Deviating from the program will result in bad results. Effort put in equals results out.