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The Outlier Fitness Project (The OFP) was created for those who think outside of the box, and are willing to go the distance with their training and nutrition goals. Why are we outliers? We are not afraid to move away from the faddish and antiquated approaches to fitness, and practice what we preach.

About Us

The OFP was founded by veterans seeking ways to continue to serve outside of the military. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best workout programming from our combined 30 years of physical fitness training in the Army and Marines, degrees and certifications in sports science, and personal training.

We provide Non-faddish scientifically proven training, workouts and meal planning programs that are cheap, easy, convenient, and effective. Whether you have access to a gym or not, our coaches are trained to provide an effective training experience for all of our clients in any environment.

Either over the phone, online, or in some cases, face to face, we will provide each client with a personalized coaching session at the beginning of each program where we will define their goals needs and expectations. Throughout the course of your training you can chose the amount of interaction you desire from your coach with weekly sessions, pre and post program planning, or a daily follow up as you prepare for that next bodybuilding, powerlifting, or athletic event. Every workout program, or cycle will end with a follow up after action review from a trainer where you will receive analysis of what went right, what went wrong, and how to continue to improve, and what the objectives should be for the next round of training.

Our Founders

Jason Madden

Jason Madden grew up in Butte, Montana and currently lives in Chelmsford, MA.

Jason became an infantryman in the Marine Corps shortly after high school, inspired to serve after the events of 9/11 as an infantryman. Jason’s first deployment overseas was to Fallujah, Iraq in 2004 during Operation Phantom Fury. After a short break from the Marine Corps, with interim work as a corrections officer at Montana state prison, Jason felt as though he had not completed his military accomplishments; he enlisted in the Army. In the Army, Jason again deployed to Iraq, followed by continued service in Italy, Qatar, Germany, Africa, and Eastern Europe as a warrant officer.

Jason has an educational background in complementary and alternative medicine, nutrition, and exercise physiology, and training service members. While deployed to Qatar, his enthusiasm for the fitness industry and helping others achieve their health goals became evident when he began to share his workout programs and nutrition advice through a fitness blog. This reached a modest audience of nearly 200 service members and civilians. Jason was also involved in the Army’s modernization of its physical fitness program, launching a trial physical training regimen through CrossFit. The results were recorded and reported to the Army’s Human Resource Command, which incorporated aspects of Jason’s findings in the implementation of its modern physical fitness program.

Jason initiated the creation of the OFP with Brad because he felt the desire to continue to serve his community outside of the military by creating a personal training and fitness community that is specific, effective, and can conform to the needs of everyone while still presenting scientifical sound training and nutrition protocols. Jason’s vision of the OFP is to not only be a great service to athletes and regular Joe’s, but to be a community of people who appreciate exercise science (not fads), beards, tattoos, and patriotism!

Bradley Anderson

Brad Anderson grew up in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Butte, Montana. He met Jason Madden freshman year of high school and Jason immediately sparked Brad’s interest in weight training. Brad instantly saw his performance increased in football and wrestling while weight training with Jason. Once Jason and Brad signed up for the United States Marine Corps interest in enhancing cardiovascular training continued. Brad signed up to be a Reconnaissance Marine and served a tour in Fallujah, Iraq with 2nd Reconnaissance BN. After six years in the Marines and reaching the rank of Sergeant, Brad returned to Montana and went to the University of Montana for a bachelors in exercise science.

During Brad’s studies at UM, he was either a subject or researcher in studies involving recovery and carbohydrates in high temperature environments, the effects of Red Bull on military physical fitness tests, the effects of altitude on wild land fire fighter performance, cortisol levels, stress, and performance of wild land firefighters, and the effects of interval training on VO2 max tests.

Brad interned and was an assistant strength and conditioning coach for 2 years for the University of Montana football team. Brad learned how to coach athletes, teach and coach olympic lifts, program and periodize programs, teach and coach sprint form, and the science of strength and conditioning.

At the end of Brad’s time at UM, he was accepted to East Tennessee State University in the Coaching and Sport Performance Master’s program. Brad learned under top strength and conditioning researcher Mike Stone and Olympic athlete and D1 strength and conditioning coach Meg Stone. Brad learned advanced meal planning from PhD student Mike Israetel. Brad was involved in research of athlete performance and periodization, health factors and weight training, rate of force production and powerlifters, maximal strength and rate of force production in individuals doing bodybuilding, and vibration and its effects on maximal jump height.

Brad was the assistant strength coach for the ETSU baseball team and helped manage training for them. Brad was the head strength and conditioning coach for the Daniel Boone High School Softball Team. The softball team was ranked 50th in the nation by ESPN’s Powerade poll, went 50-6, were the state runners-up, set the state record for most homeruns in a season, most homeruns in a state tournament, and had 4 seniors go on to play D1 softball.

Since leaving Daniel Boone, Brad has been privately training athletes, bodybuilders, and people wanting to be more healthy. Brad is very excited to bring scientific training that has historically been enjoyed by the elite and high level athletes to everyone.

Our Programs

We offer 100% personalized workout and meal planning programs that provide results in just 4-weeks. Our program is affordable, easy to understand, convenient, and most importantly we are effective. Begin your journey of science, guidance, and motivation now. Be an Outlier.

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