B2B Corporate (Group)

B2B Corporate (Group)
Are you wanting employees that are happier and more productive while reducing insurance costs? We can help with this program.

Our B2B Corporate wellness program is designed as whole make your employees healthier and happier people while individualizing the programs to each person. Through planned testing and your regular employee health check-ups, we will provide you with data to present to your insurance company to lower your rates. There is a large amount of good scientific data that shows that a healthier employee is a happier employee and in turn regular exercise and happiness leads to greater productivity of each employee. Employers that show that they are engaged in the wellbeing of their employees have better relationships and tend to have a higher employee retention rate.

Who this is for 

The B2B Corporate wellness program is for employers that want a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. As insurance rates continue to rise and more and more insurance companies are offering discounts to companies that have wellness programs and provide data of results, the need for a this type of program is growing. Profit margins are tighter by the day and reducing yet another cost to maximize net profit is greatly increasing. We do recommend that you have a company gym or offer gym membership but we can tailor your program to meet the facilities your employees have access to. Our coaches provide reports and presentations of results.

Program includes 

Regular assessment and presentation of health of employees. On-site assessment and evaluation in select areas is available. Coach liaison between you and the insurance companies to insure they receive the data they need.

The OFP workout spreadsheet
The OFP workout spreadsheet clearly defines the lifts, weight, and reps each workout and day. Our spreadsheet includes a fatigue scale that is filled out once a week for your coach to analyze and make adjustments to keep you training at your max.
Configure your program
Frequently asked questions 

How will this help my company?

Healthier employees are happier employees and happier employees are more productive. Science has shown that people that regularly exercise and have healthier body composition have better mental and cognitive function and have fewer sick days. In a business that require physical activity, our plans reduce injury and reduce your loss of work days and worker compensation claims. Additionally, a structured program can be turned into most insurance companies and they will reduce your rates. Less money going out each month means more money to liquid assets and more net profit.

How will I know this is an added benefit to my staff?

Reference the first FAQ. Additionally. Continued monitoring of body fat percentage and doctor lab results will provide hard evidence to back up the plan.

What can I expect from your program?

Our program mainly focuses on creating healthier employees. Lowering body fat percentage, lowering total cholesterol, lowering bad cholesterol, lowering resting heart rate, lowering blood pressure, increasing or maintaining bone density, increasing or maintaining muscle mass. This is accomplished through weight lifting, cardio, and stretching.