Cardio Program

Cardio Program
Do you need to burn extra calories? Do you have performance goals? Do you just want to be healthier? Look no further.

Our cardio programs are based on scientifically proven interval training. We periodize the program to effectively manage so that your results are maximized and avoid overtraining. We use Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) so that you are training to your max each session even when you aren’t quite feeling your best. Using RPE, allows you to use almost any desired form of cardio so you aren’t restricted to one modality or another. Interval training has been scientifically proven to optimally lower times in competition and physical fitness tests and to burn more calories than traditional training systems. If you want to maximize your cardio this is it.

Who this is for 

Our cardio program is for individuals that want to do a 5k, 10k, 15k, marathon, want to max out their PT time, and want to lose weight. The cardio program is not for athletes (check out metabolic training), bodybuilders, fitness competitors, or powerlifters. We have a built in walking program for bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and powerlifters. Our cardio program can be used by people that don’t have access to a gym, bike, treadmill, pool, or recumbent bike. We use RPE so you don’t need a heart rate monitor or some other fancy device to measure how hard or how far you are working. We completely take the guesswork out of your cardio training.

Program includes 

The cardio plan includes an initial consultation and assessment, explanation of the program, weekly check-ins, body weight monitoring, and end of program assessment and adjustments. Program is sent in excel format.

The OFP workout spreadsheet
The OFP workout spreadsheet clearly defines the lifts, weight, and reps each workout and day. Our spreadsheet includes a fatigue scale that is filled out once a week for your coach to analyze and make adjustments to keep you training at your max.
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Frequently asked questions 

Can I incorporate different activities into the plan and add a variety of cardio activities?

Yes and yes. Our cardio programs are based on Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). Using RPE you can bike, run, swim, elliptical, or recumbent bike and still maximally train for your cardio goals. We also individualize each cardio program based on your goals.

I want to train for a 5k, half marathon, or marathon, can you help me?

Yes, to all of the above. Brad and all of his coaches are trained in variety of programming to lower your run times.

I’m a bodybuilder. Should I use your cardio programs?

No. Walking cardio is built into the bodybuilding program to maximize maintenance or loss of fat mass while reducing the risk of losing muscle mass.

I just want to be healthier and have a better body image, can your cardio program help me?

Yes. We can individualize the cardio program for that goal. Our cardio programs have been shown to lower bad and total cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower resting heart rate while lowering body fat percentage.