Fitness Competitors

Fitness Competitors
Are you wanting to catch the judge’s attention? Do you need a program to fix areas the judges want? We can help.

The Fitness Competitor program is designed to maximize muscle mass while reducing fat mass gain or maximizing fat loss. We individualize the female plan for glute/ham interface and growth. The male version maximizes shoulder size. Both programs focus on reducing waist size. We periodize each program based on your goal and/or competition schedule. We specifically program compound, multi joint lifts that have been shown scientifically to grow more muscle mass compared to isolation lifts. We rarely, if ever, have you train to failure to maximize recovery adaptation and get the most out of every lift. We will get feedback from you and implement that into your plan.

Who this is for 

The fitness competitor program is for individuals that are needing a starting point to become stage ready to seasoned fitness competitors that need an extra edge over their competition. We recommend that individuals are familiar with squats, deadlifts, good mornings, and various upper body lifts and have experience with high repetition weight training. We can help teach you those lifts but some experience will speed up results. If you are not familiar with these lifts and have not spent much time lifting, we recommend you start with a general fitness lifting program and transition to the fitness competitor weight training program when your coach feels you are ready.

Program includes 

The fitness competitor program includes an initial consultation and assessment, explanation of the program, weekly check-ins, body weight monitoring, and end of program assessment and adjustments. Program is sent in excel format.

The OFP workout spreadsheet
The OFP workout spreadsheet clearly defines the lifts, weight, and reps each workout and day. Our spreadsheet includes a fatigue scale that is filled out once a week for your coach to analyze and make adjustments to keep you training at your max.
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Frequently asked questions 

Do you provide assistance outside of just training and dieting, i.e. posing, and mental support?

We do provide mental support, but it is limited because we are not psychologists. Currently, we do not offer assistance in pose coaching.

Female fitness judges look at different things than bodybuilders. Do your programs account for this?

Yes. We program to reduce waist growth and maximize the look of the glute-hamstring connection