General Fitness

General Fitness
Do you want to just look better? Want to be more healthy? Do you need a program that will keep you motivated? We can help.

Our general fitness programs are designed with YOU in mind. We 100% individualize our programs to your goals and fitness level. No programs that some guy did and challenges you to complete. No programs that get you results ‘fast’ and then leave you guessing how you are supposed to maintain those fast results. We only provide programs that are designed for long term results, success, and sustainability. Yes, your results are NOT magical and fast and are difficult to achieve but we develop a healthy lifestyle change that can maintained over a lifetime and not over a quick result program. We effectively manage fatigue using periodization to max results.

Who this is for 

The general fitness program is for anyone regardless of age, sex, or experience that just wants to be more healthy and/or look better. A high level of motivation for change of lifestyle is recommended but not required.

Our coaches can provide that extra bit of motivation but without a certain level of motivation to make a change the chances that your results will be less than what we know can be achieved with our programs.

We can work with people that have some health problems but some health problems we cannot work with or require doctor clearance.

Our health questionnaire will identify any issues before the start of training and refunds made if required.

Program includes 

The general fitness program includes an initial consultation and assessment, explanation of the program, weekly check-ins, body weight monitoring, and end of program assessment and adjustments. Program is sent in excel format.

The OFP workout spreadsheet
The OFP workout spreadsheet clearly defines the lifts, weight, and reps each workout and day. Our spreadsheet includes a fatigue scale that is filled out once a week for your coach to analyze and make adjustments to keep you training at your max.
Configure your program
Frequently asked questions 

What can I expect in my first couple of weeks of training?

A slow increase in training intensity based off your fitness level. Most clients see a better body image and a slight decrease in body weight. Soreness is an inevitability whether you are on a weight lifting or cardio program. Lack of or an abundance of hunger can be expected with the meal plan while your body adjusts to the meal plan.

What health benefits can I expect from my training program?

Our weight lifting, and cardio programs have been shown to lower bad and total cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower resting heart rate while lowering body fat percentage.

Are there any foods I can’t eat on the meal plan?

Yes, but we provide a large list of foods you can eat for each micronutrient. Most clients find that the options are not very restricting.

I just want to be healthy. Why should I lift weights?

Weight lifting has been shown to lower blood pressure, lower total and bad cholesterol, increase bone density, increase muscle mass (increase calories used at rest), ability to maintain balance in daily tasks, and increase quality of life because you are able to do everything you like to do.