Powerlifter Program

Powerlifter Program
Want to compete in a lower weight class and still win? Have you plateaued in one of your totals? Need form coaching? We can help.

If you are here and are a powerlifter you know what you want. You want to lift more in bench, squat, and deadlift. Whether you are raw or not our programs can maximize your totals through a periodized program revolving around your competition schedule. We provide form assessment and coaching points for each lift to prevent injury and good form (regardless of what some have at competitions) has been shown scientifically to allow you to move more weight. Our programs combine your big 3 competition lifts with supplementary lifts to hone in any strength deficiencies. We structure your long term goals to manage fatigue and peak you for each competition.

Who this is for 

We provide training structure and form coaching for beginner, intermediate, and advanced powerlifters. This program has minimal carry over to fitness goals compared to the bodybuilding program and is only recommended for those that plan to or are currently competing in powerlifting. We provide training for junior powerlifters, both male and female, with parent’s consent. We provide programs all the way through master powerlifters but we recommend you are willing to buck the powerlifting training norms and willing to change form based off of coach assessment. We are convinced that our scientific approach will maxmize your totals time and again.

Program includes 

The powerlifting program includes an initial consultation and assessment, explanation of the program, weekly check-ins, body weight monitoring, and end of program assessment and adjustments. Program is sent in excel format.

The OFP workout spreadsheet
The OFP workout spreadsheet clearly defines the lifts, weight, and reps each workout and day. Our spreadsheet includes a fatigue scale that is filled out once a week for your coach to analyze and make adjustments to keep you training at your max.
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Frequently asked questions 

How are you different from the other major training systems that are out there, and what sort of benefits would I get from working with you?

First, our programs are backed from science not what other powerlifters are doing that are probably genetically gifted and can do whatever and still get maximal results. Second, we have first hand knowledge with training powerlifters and know how to maximize your totals.